Bigger, Better, Hungrier @ WebEngage

The minute you’re satisfied with where you are, you aren’t there anymore.
~ Tony Gwynn (Hall of Fame Baseball Player)

There could never be an excuse to not write at all for 10 long months. I am sorry. I’ll try to post a bit regularly. This one’s an update to fill you in with events from the last 3 quarters.

First thing first, WebEngage turned 4 last week! And, this pic, clicked by my team on the eve of our 4th b’day, pretty much sums up how the two of us feel about this journey. :-)

Ankit and Avlesh (Co-founders, WebEngage)
Ankit & Avlesh
Co-founders, WebEngage

Looking back …
It is amazing how a small itch has gone on to become a formidable company in 4 years. It is amazing how the two of us have managed to build an enviable team of 50+ men and women. It is amazing how thousands of businesses globally have placed their trust on us.

As the business continues to expand, my travel schedule keeps getting worse. I am out of office for almost 2 weeks every month. These days, I travel at ease — without any fear in my head on how certain things are gonna be back in office. A large part of this about the people who make WebEngage.


If not for its people, WebEngage would be any other startup. Ankit and I, still, spend a good chunk of our time in building our team and culture. We are a people first company. Customers come in next. Everybody else, is a distant third. Read more about our culture code here and here. Or, hear it from our very own folks below:




Got appetite for more? You can listen to Ankit or me too.

Other than people, customers are the next big asset we have built at WebEngage. Such is the level of trust we have built that fierce competitors in the same geogrpahy use our product without blinking an eye or questioning data security. We are now powering customer engagement on over 30,000 websites globally. Around the same time next year, we’ll be on 100K websites. Beat that!

For me the journey couldn’t have been more fulfilling. I feel more excited about our future every day. I still lose track of time and personal responsibilities when I am at work. My 8 year old DELL Latitude is still my best mate. I still enjoy getting my hands dirty whenever I get an opportunity to code. I still try to quit smoking. I have managed to cut down the use of curse words in public. Sad :-(

Being the ringmaster at WE is a 24x7 task in itself. I hardly get anytime outside of my own job. Despite that, I am trying to give back to the community in as many ways as I can.

What’s going on at WebEngage?
Last 12 months have been about organization building. On the operations side, we have gotten our sales and support engine in place. On marketing, we kicks anybody’s ass when it comes to creating great quality content. On product, alongside building new capabilities, we made our data stack future ready. We’d soon be releasing an “extension store”, gallery, event based targeting and bunch of other cool things inside WE.

To mark the occasion, we gave the world AppEngage!

What is AppEngage?
AppEngage is mobile marketing automation 2.0 — we’ll take you beyond the usual event tracking and push notification products. AppEngage will build enriched profiles for anonymous users and customers using your app. We’ll track behaviour and interests to build user profiles. Once you segment these users, we’ll help you automate engagement and communication across their entire life-cycle. You can use in-app messages, push notifications, emails, text messages, mobile web push and snail mail as the medium of communication.

We are aggressively building AppEngage and rolling out features every week for beta customers. If you wish to get early access, we are giving away a few private beta invites. Request access.

What’s next?
My team is in a “crazy build phase” right now. I am extremely excited about the stuff we are creating. There’s a lot of data and insights that we’ll power you, the customer, with. In another 2 months from now, you’d see us in a brand new avatar. If you are an existing customer willing to get a peek, drop me a note.

Finally …
Wherever I go, whoever I meet — the term WebEngage evokes emotions; Emotions that revolve around commitment, dedication, passion and respect. I am 32 and, thus far, that’s my biggest achievement. I thank each one of you for being the great evangelist you have been. Your help and support counts.

Last 4 years were about learning, executing and growing. Next 4 will be about winning. At WebEngage, we are now bigger, better and hungrier than ever before.

- Avlesh

P.S: Thanks to the nice folks at Super for getting those people videos made.

Co-founder and CEO, @WebEngage