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1. The media euphoria

Every startup was making news in 2015, except for the fact that they were all consumer internet or COOL startups. Some were in the news for funding and others for the lack of it. Some were in news because they hired by the hundreds, while others made news because they fired by the hundreds.

2. The surge of copycats

For every well executed business idea, there would be a dozen copycats in almost no time. And if you operate in a crowded space like marketing automation — good luck!

3. Overcoming the “moonshot inertia”

There is no such term, I just made it up!

Overcoming distractions

Knowing you are distracted is the first step. Most fall in that trap unknowingly. There are a few things that have worked for me. Here’s my 101 guide to fight distractions!

a. Being disillusioned

Not every thing that you see around you is truth. People say things even when they don’t mean it. And, there’s nothing wrong with it. People evolve. You need to evolve too. The key thing here is to find out what’s important. What is that you should lose your sleep over? Most distracted people would lose it for almost anything and everything. Disillusionment helps in keeping you focused on the bigger goal. Competition, rouge customer, badass boss .. none of that would matter if you are disillusioned.

b. Being on a mission

First and foremost, please have a mission in life. For some it’s about working for a good life, for some it’s about buying a house, for me it is about building an ever-growing enterprise. Find yours. The stronger and bigger that mission is, the lesser the distraction would be.

c. Being organized

This one is a bit philosophical. Most people I know, are heavily unorganized in their lives and work. And here’s a candid confession, so am I. I worked on it extensively last year to get better. Whether it’s about scheduling meetings or organizing files, I see real funny ways in how people accomplish such tasks. Most don’t even realize the downsides of a cluttered life. It kills your productivity. Also, it is extremely hard to focus on the core task if you are spending a whole lot of your time on “searching” for stuff to finish that task. I have gotten much better at organizing myself, except for the fact that I still don’t use WhatsApp. Let software eat your world, atleast for work.



Co-founder and CEO, @WebEngage

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