Happy 8th, WebEngage!

Avlesh Singh
3 min readOct 11, 2019


It’s that time of the year. WebEngage will complete 8 years this Sunday. And, the celebrations kick off today!

Happy 8th, WebEngage

This comes in at a time when we are at our peak performance. We have been doubling our revenues YoY. We recorded profits for the first time in our journey in FY-18. And, there’s no looking back. WebEngage has created a strong niche for itself in a space crowded by mobile marketing and omni-channel marketing automation tools. We are committed to help your business make more money from your existing users. And, we are determined to do that by bringing all your user messaging inside WebEngage. We continue to build on that mission. If you are keen on what we are building, please follow our blog for product updates.

I am deeply indebted to our customers and partners — thousands of SMBs and 300+ large enterprises across the globe. Unlocking a new revenue stream for these companies has been the most fulfilling experience for me in this journey.

Ankit, Manish and Me today / and, on our first b’day (inset)

8 years is a long long time. I have witnessed boys grow into men. See how the three of us have grown old together. That’s Ankit (my co-founder) and Manish (our VP Engineering) 7 years ago (inset) and today. I am 37 year old now 🤦‍♀️. This also means that about a quarter of my life has gone into building this company. I can tell you today that I won’t trade those years for anything. Not even the miseries that ensued in the process.

Our organizational maturity has improved leaps and bounds in the last few years. It takes a whole lot of expertise to service Fortune 500 customers. I am super proud of the way my team has stepped up and raised the bar at each stage of our growth curve. Our flagship retention conference, EngageMint, is a testimony to our coming of age from a cute little startup to a thriving enterprise.

EngageMint, Dubai 2019

I am also indebted for the lessons I have learnt in this journey. The biggest life skill I have developed, is survival. If you have been in business long enough to witness multiple cycles of euphoria and gloom, you know what I mean. You learn to survive. I have learned to survive. And boy, you have no idea how!

Absolute rockstars! Members of team WebEngage celebrating today

Finally, a lot of love for our investors and the team of 125+ men and women who make things happen at WebEngage. When our story gets worth chronicling, it is this gang that’d have the most enviable stories to tell. Stories of grit, compassion and human excellence. I look forward to the day when these stories will become a part of the startup folklore.

I don’t know what will happen in the next 8 years. The global economy might be in shatters. Our GDP may cease to grow. Some new unicorns might get created and some of the current ones might get wiped off. No matter what happens next, I’ll be around. Building and growing WebEngage. Just like how I were doing it when we were 5, 6 and 7 years old. See you around.

Until next.