The business of Marketing Clouds — can this Indian company change the game?

Source: Statista
Source: Statista
  1. A digital media advertising product
  2. A customer data platform
  3. An analytics product
  4. A campaign manager (with huge emphasis on email marketing)
  5. An A/B testing tool for web personalization
  6. A CMS for web publishing and media resource management
Source: The Economic Times
The WebEngage Retention Operation System — an (un)marketing suite for B2C businesses.
3-in-1 WebEngage Dashboard
WebEngage’s product is 10x more powerful to achieve personalization use-cases than a/b testing products
A/B Testing Tools Vs WebEngage’s Personalization Product




Co-founder and CEO, @WebEngage

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Avlesh Singh

Avlesh Singh

Co-founder and CEO, @WebEngage

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